EPeeps Fabian Navarro | Teacher Consultant

We’re excited for you to meet Fabian – a multi-talented teacher specialising in Spanish, French and ESOL, with a strong background in Business Studies and Leadership. Teaching for the last 20 years across North America, Europe and New Zealand, Fabian has joined EP to inspire all teachers to transform their classrooms into modern learning environments. Fabian shares why he does what he does and also shares some tips on WFH through COVID-19.

“Using EP with all my classes I was able to create individual learning paths for all of my students without them knowing they were being differentiated, allowing them all to experience success and feel they were achieving learning Spanish and French.”

Meet Fabian

Hola! I’m Fabian (Fabs to most of my friends) and I’m a world-trotter Kiwi with American and European roots. I have had the privilege and luck to have lived in amazing countries like France, Spain, Mexico, USA, Australia and many others allowing me to see the world from many different perspectives, languages and traditions. I started my teaching career when I was 18 years old as a way to earn money to keep travelling the globe teaching English and Spanish wherever I went.

My two passions are education and cars and luckily I get to enjoy them both on a working day. I’ve graduated from Universities across the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and my latest diploma in languages has taken me to one of the oldest universities in the world in Salamanca, Spain. My hobbies include swimming and water polo, arts and travelling the world!

Why EP?

I am very passionate about helping others to achieve their full potential regardless of their abilities. As a teacher I was able to differentiate my teaching and create personalised learning programs for my students. I then realised through Education Perfect I was able to share my experiences and expertise with other teachers empowering them to also create a 21st century learning environment in their practice, where students’ needs are catered and developed.

“EP is the perfect tool to differentiate your students’ learning without segregating them from the rest of the class.”

A day in the life…

I am extremely lucky to be able to work with many talented teachers and educators across Australia and New Zealand. Early in the morning I check in with the schools I have the opportunity to work alongside and make sure the teachers have all the information they need to plan their lessons. During the day I get to visit some of those schools and find out what their requirements are so we can help to create their learning plans through EP. At the end of the day I also have the opportunity to contact the rest of my teachers to offer them support and guidance.

I am about to start my research project on the impact technology has on second language acquisition, in particular the influence of technology in reviving and exposing indigenous languages.

Favourite EP features

The ability to fully customise all of the EP content! It gives students with different learning abilities the chance to access information and content under their own time, space and catering to their individual needs without being segregated from the rest of the class.


Most excited about

The new projects coming up, the ability to expand and help others not just school kids but also adult learners and beyond.

EP in three
  1. This is an online educational resource that is engaging, relevant and authentic for every student.
  2. It is easy to use, navigate and interpret the data.
  3. We are a kiwi based company.
Secret talent/passion

I’ve had the honour to represent New Zealand as the manager of one of our national senior water polo teams in 2017. I am crazy about water polo and swimming!

I love doing my job, I love helping others around me but most of all I love how EP is helping learners to achieve their full potential!

WFH through COVID-19

Though it has been challenging it has had some positive effects on flattening the curve in Australia and it is nice to see how we are working as a united community. We have been able to help and reach more teachers through our video conferences as we are not visiting schools. I do miss the face to face interaction with my teachers but I am very happy I have been able to still support them and get them all the help they need.

Everyday I have been able to combine work and exercise successfully and have more breaks than I would normally do if I were in the office. It has also given me a chance to be more creative with my cooking, so it has been interesting and fun! Yoga, meditation walks help keep a varied day.

WFH tips

Make sure you have little breaks spread out through the working day, standing up, walking around and getting away from the computer. Try new things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to do it; paint, read a new book, photography… there are so many new things you can discover without having to leave your home! Give it a go!