EPeeps Deb Palmer | Head of Engagement (International)

Hi! I’m Deb Palmer and my role at EP is as the Head of Engagement (International Schools). 

What does that actually mean, you may ask?

It means I have the privilege of leading an absolutely amazing team of Teacher Consultants who are focused on working with teachers outside of Australia and NZ. We work together to get to know the schools who subscribe to EP, to build relationships with teachers at all levels and work closely with them to understand their ed-tech priorities and ensure EP works beautifully within their environment.

From a personal point of view, I grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand. My partner, Grant, and I did the normal thing of working hard, we bought a house, decided to build our dream home and then, just as the building plans had been approved, Grant finally caved to my nagging (I will admit to this!) that we move to Australia. Talk about timing!

We sold or stored our lives, hopped on a plane with our dog and away we went.

After travelling for a while and spending a year or so on the Gold Coast, we moved to Perth and this is now home.

Why did you become an EPeep?

Well, I would like to say this was all part of a plan, but I actually left education at the start of 2020 to take on a new role in a different industry. Unfortunately, COVID came along and I was one of the many people who lost their jobs as a result. That was definitely an unexpected plot twist! I was so grateful to see EP was looking for people at the time and they were a company I knew and was excited to work for. So something that was not ideal turned into some that that was and is, extremely positive.

Why do you love working at EP?

I love the people – corny but true.

The people at EP are truly fabulous and you could not ask for a better group to work with. From the managers I have reported to, to the teams I work within I love the attitude and one team approach – our EPeeps are so supportive and caring, driven to achieve but also there for a laugh and some fun too. 

Externally, teachers are a great bunch of people to work with – again just genuinely nice people and it’s great learning about their different experiences and backgrounds and finding the connections along the way.

How do you prefer to start your day?

My day normally starts with walking my dog, Leo. The day just does not feel right if I don’t get that early morning walk in – it gives me time to wake up, get some fresh air, for ideas to brew and develop; plus I do a lot of my problem solving and creative thinking while moving. With spending a lot of my day sitting in front of my laptop getting up and walking is so important!

Tell us about your pet(s)!

If my dog or cat could see all of my photos, they would report me as a stalker! I have a six year old Golden Lab and a nine year old failed foster cat called Bug. I love them to bits. Working from home they are great company. Leo is often sleeping near where I am working, snoring away like the happy boy he is!  Leo ensures I get up and go outside regularly and they help make the house a home. I wouldn’t be without them.


Where is somewhere you’d like to visit?

I have so many places I want to visit it would almost be easier to list where I don’t want to go. I love the opportunity to travel and wish I had more time (and money), so I could go explore more often – it is one of the downfalls of being from NZ or Australia – everything is so far away! 

These days I enjoy anything that is an experience. A few years back my partner and I were in Singapore and headed to Universal Studios and reverted to teenagers – we had so much fun going on all the rollercoasters and 3D rides! So, next stop could be Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi or walking some of the Camino trail. Getting outdoors, exploring a new place or having fun being silly – bring it on!

What advice would you pass on to a younger version of yourself?

Relax and enjoy the journey more! As a self confessed control freak I sometimes find it hard to relax and simply enjoy the moment. So, definitely something I would say to my younger self is let go of what has already happening and don’t focus so much on what’s to come that you forget to fully participate in, and enjoy the here and now.