EPeeps Anna Redmile | Partnerships Director

We’re excited to introduce you to Anna, one of the newest members to join the EP family! Collaborative, creative and driven, Anna is back from a 13 month adventure with her family where she homeschooled her son for the entire year. With a passion for partnerships and helping business’ grow, EP was the perfect choice for her next step.

“The opportunity to work for a business with such a strong purpose, and such relevance, really appealed to me.”

Meet Anna

I originally hail from England, but moved to Sydney 17 years ago, lured by the beautiful weather and outdoor lifestyle. I am married and have 2 kids; George and Daisy. We’ve just come back from an epic adventure, travelling around the world for 13 months. We travelled across Latin America, Europe, India and South East Asia – it was totally amazing 🙂 I also love skiing, yoga, eating and music.

Towards the end of my RTW trip, Alex reached out and suggested working with EP (we’d worked together previously at Tigerspike). For the majority of my career, I’d worked in media and I had assumed I would go back to that. However, whilst we were travelling we homeschooled my son George, completing the whole of year 3 through distance education. This really heightened my interest in education and gave me a beautiful insight into the role of platforms in teaching today. Most of all, the opportunity to work for a business with such a strong purpose and such relevance really appealed to me. And so, here I am.

Joining EP during COVID-19

I would have assumed that 100% remote on-boarding would be challenging, but I’ve actually found it to be a very positive experience. The business is really well set up for it from a tech enablement point of view and culturally too. Everyone has been so friendly, responsive and helpful. I’ve been happy to get on and work things out as I go – thanks to everyone at EP for being so supportive and accommodating as I go through this process.

Partnerships at EP

My role as Partnerships Director is to identify and develop any content, tech or strategic sales partnerships where there is a long term value exchange for both parties.

My goal is to develop partnerships with the likes of Microsoft, Google and AWS – they have established partner programs which see them leverage and drive partner sales to their vast network of customers. To become a partner we will need to demonstrate significant reciprocal value, such as our strength in the education sector, use of their technology, and our growth. These partnerships take time to develop but can have a significant impact and help us to scale.

Additionally, EP for Work is a strategic focus area for me – with so many businesses being forced to work remotely there is a strong opportunity here. It also plays nicely into my corporate background.

Favourite features
  • Right now, an extremely valuable feature of the platform is the ability to use it remotely! The fact that teachers can set robust work for students to complete at home, with support and the ability to provide feedback, is amazing. You only have to look at all the positive feedback we are getting from teachers to get a sense of what a valuable resource EP has been through COVID-19.
  • I love the fact that there are such significant time savings for teachers, by having high quality, ready-made curriculum-aligned content available, and through auto-correcting.
  • I love the gamification element of Dash. It makes learning fun 🙂
  • The ability to provide differentiated learning for students in a non-confronting or alienating way.
Most excited about

There is so much to be excited about right now. We are onboarding loads of new schools and awareness of EP will have grown enormously. We now have the opportunity to turn the free trials into long term subscriptions. Prior to Covid the business had a solid growth plan (new markets, new products), but our opportunity for growth has been accelerated exponentially because there has never been a stronger use case for our platform. We are in a position to expedite our plans whilst most businesses are experiencing exceptionally challenging times. We are extremely fortunate to be in this position.

EP in three
  1. EP is an engaging online platform used by schools in a physical classroom or remotely. It has a strong use case for businesses who need to train staff too.
  2. The people are authentic and genuinely want to help schools to improve their learning outcomes, especially during these testing times.
  3. The amount of positive reviews we get from schools is mind blowing – I have never seen such strong advocacy from users!
Something people would not know about you?

That would be telling…

Last word

I’m really happy to be here, and I look forward to meeting everyone in person – perhaps one day soon!