EPeep Hannah West | NZ Business Development Manager

Today we introduce you to the dedicated and easy-going, Hannah West! Hannah has been at EP for 3.5 years and is currently a NZ Business Development Manager. In her spare time she enjoys playing golf, pool and table tennis. Read more to see what Hannah is most excited for and what her range of secret talents are!

Meet Hannah

Kia ora! My name is Hannah and I’ve been at Education Perfect for three and a half years. I was born and raised in Auckland, and moved to Dunedin for university where I studied Accounting and International Business. In my last few years of university, I worked part time at PWC and then Audit Professional doing school audits. After university, I joined the Support Team at Education Perfect in the Dunedin office. Not too long after, I moved into a sales administrative role and then eventually took on my own report as a Business Development Manager.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me playing golf, pool or table tennis. I’ve been playing golf at the beautiful St Clair Golf Club for almost 3 years now and enjoy playing in various tournaments. Recently, I won the Club Championships Intermediate division; though there’s always room for improvement, and that’s what keeps me (and most other golfers) coming back every week! I also love watching and playing pretty much any sport, going to music gigs, cooking, and reading. 

Why become an EPeep?

I actually used Education Perfect in my final few years of school. Back then it was known as Language Perfect and was a relatively new product. I quickly became obsessed with the Language Perfect World Championships and it helped me immensely with my Japanese language learning. When the opportunity arose for me to work at Education Perfect, I didn’t think twice. Now that I work at Education Perfect, I have the opportunity to see what a powerful tool it can be from a teacher’s perspective. 

Most excited about

I’m excited for the journey that Education Perfect is on in supporting lifelong learning. With EP for School, the role that digital technologies will continue to play within the classroom and how they are best integrated to help with pain points. With EP for Work, how we can use our existing world class platform to improve efficiency and quality of training for employees. 

Hearing from teachers who have introduced Education Perfect to their students and have seen an increase in engagement from students who perhaps weren’t as engaged previously. It’s a reminder that everybody learns differently, and the ability for students to work independently at their own pace with teachers still being able to monitor the learning and identifying gaps in knowledge is an incredibly powerful tool. 

A big influence

“Only 2 Seats Left” is a book that tells the story of John Anderson, the New Zealander who started Contiki, the tour company. With an idea and £25 starting capital, the rollercoaster journey of how Contiki came to be the company it is today was really interesting. Would definitely recommend it!

Secret talent

I’m not sure if I’d call it secret talents but more odd hobbies! I used to do Irish Dancing competitively for 10 years. I represented my dance school regionally, nationally and internationally. My biggest achievement for that was placing 3rd at the Australasian championships. I also enjoy cup stacking (I’d highly recommend checking this out online if you haven’t heard of it), juggling, and playing the ukulele.

What is your proudest moment

Perhaps more of an accomplishment as opposed to a moment but becoming a Business Development Manager here at Education Perfect. I worked pretty hard in the couple of years leading up to that and I was really excited (albeit a bit nervous) to take the next step in my Education Perfect journey and personal career. 

Favourite feature

A couple of my favourite features of the platform are the ease with which teachers can differentiate their students and the ability to generate individualised learning pathways with the click of a button post assessment. 

Thanks for sharing, Hannah. You are such a valuable member of the business, and Team NZ are so lucky to have you![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]