Student Data Analytics

Software that enables schools to inquire into assessment data, analyse it to identify opportunities for growth and then act to target solutions that improve learner outcomes.

Why use EdPotential?

We enable schools to quickly and easily inquire, analyse and act on student data in an in-depth and insightful way in order to improve student outcomes whilst saving teachers time.

Aggregate and analyse assessment data


Easy to retrieve assessment data and present it as visually-informative charts, tables and graphs.


Our software has been developed in consultation with local teachers.


EdPotential allows principals, management teams and teachers to work collaboratively to share successful pedagogical approaches that help all students.


It works seamlessly with any school management system and can analyse data from any qualifications assessment system, any standardised test results and most class or school-based assessments.


Improved learner outcomes

Identify the issues and target the right solutions to facilitate growth.

Enhance and improve teaching practices

Provide teachers with evidence of how their teaching is influencing their students’ progress so they can adjust and reinforce accordingly.

More consistent assessment implementation

Identify effective assessment practices and implement them across the school.

Save time and money

Say goodbye to laborious manual reporting and save money and time which can be repurposed for effective pedagogy.

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