Cross-curricular learning now available on EP

Learning no longer needs to happen in isolation.

As the boundaries between subjects fall away, EP want to help enhance the learning experience to ultimately help improve learning outcomes.

Thanks to growing interest from schools we are now building on our Cross-curricular learning solutions to help drive better outcomes in the classroom.

Picture this: students are learning about ‘Living things as a Resource’ from an EP ‘Nature of Science’ unit. Those same students then use our Writing lessons to support their efforts to communicate opinions about Sustainability in their community.

Next, they begin exploring the EP Geography lesson on Ecological Footprints in both other countries and their own. Later, they will connect this learning to nutrition, and the sustainability of healthy food sources.

These students emerge from this unit with a rounded understanding of Sustainability, their own beliefs, and their responsibilities as a member of their community.

Structuring courses like this is now a reality with EP.

What’s new and in the pipeline for cross-curricular learning?

  1. We have created a new Cross-curricular subject space, and have introduced the ability for resources from other subjects to be moved here on request
  2. Our Content Authoring experience is being reimagined, with a much more intuitive workflow and range of rich formatting options
  3. We’re developing a range of Teacher Community features for 2020, which includes the ability to collaborate and network
  4. This new Cross-curricular subject space has been pre-populated with a number of useful resources, including:
    1. Customisation Guide for teachers
    2. A selection of literacy resources, aligned to the Literacy Continuum
    3. A selection of numeracy resources, aligned to the Numeracy Continuum
    4. Global Digital Citizenship lessons
    5. A selection of Sustainability resources gathered from our English, Maths, Science and Humanities content libraries

The Cross-curricular subject space is complimentary for schools subscribing to the Education Perfect Learning Suite in 2020.

James Santure, Head of Content, is spearheading the project at EP and says “It is exciting to be working with an increasing number of schools who are evolving their curriculum delivery to be inclusive of, or focused around cross-curricular learning and to hear of their successes and challenges. We hope that EP can play a part in supporting this transition with our customisable lessons and Cross-curricular subject space.”

Join us as we take a significant step towards empowering departments within schools to work collaboratively.

Your voice will help shape our path as we endeavour to support modern, effective, high quality teaching and learning experiences in the digital age.

Book in a time to talk to us about the Cross-curricular subject space or sign up for access to these resources today!