EP Homeschooling Heroes – Melissa Symonds

Meet Melissa Symonds:

One of our awesome homeschool families from Western Australia! Melissa and her children use Education Perfect as part of their homeschooling curriculum. Read their story below…

Tell us about you and your family!

We have 3 children now aged 14-20.We are from Western Australia and love living close to the river, estuary and the beach so we are very lucky. Some of us love to read, others game maybe a little too much, and love watching shows and movies together. We don’t have pets anymore but used to have a dog. 

Why did you decide to start homeschooling?

I always wanted to homeschool my kids for high school simply to have a bit more say in our kids education and influences to be honest.

I ended up starting a bit early due to mental health issues with our middle child, then oldest one which in turn had a dominoes effect on our youngest child. I have homeschooled off and on now for the past 8 years, with varying outcomes. I did keep trying for regular school but it wasn’t working out for us.

What are the biggest challenges you face when homeschooling?

The main challenges we have faced with homeschooling is the reasons we homeschooled to start with – mental health and sleep issues. One child that loved school hated being home. Another wanted to learn at home but struggled with issues. Our youngest wanted to be at school the last few years but with Covid interruptions and life changes has struggled to even get there. Have just registered again to homeschool this one.

What have you loved the most about homeschooling and what has been the most rewarding moment?

I think just having the whole strict one size fits all kind of school routine taken out of the equation was a relief, as well as being able to tailor activities that our kids were actually interested in and hence keen to get stuck into is great.

How did you hear about EP and why did you choose it as part of your curriculum?

A friend that was using EP told me about it. I chose it really from her recommendation and the fact that there was such a great offer for homeschooling parents.

How did EP improve your homeschooling journey? What are some features or support you’ve loved and how did they help you?

EP just took the stress out of it all- when you’re used to the whole school curriculum and having to tick boxes for moderators etc. it’s a relief to know that what your children are learning and being involved in DOES tick those boxes. (Whether you agree with those boxes or not they are real)

The daily activity option and being able to set tasks is great, and there are always people ready to help when I’ve needed it.

Describe EP in 3 words.

A life saver.

Has EP helped with any learning difficulties?

Yes! Visual and Auditory Dyslexia. It has boosted her confidence it has allowed her a way to learn that connects with her learning styles, it has encouraged her to ask questions and become engaged with the world. She no longer feels different or less than her peers, she has confidence to share her story and ask for help without fear.

EP has allowed my child to take control of her needs in learning and life. EP has given her a voice. 

What can EP do to better support your learning?

Maybe provide Art and Music modules?

What’s your or your learner’s favourite joke?

Not a joke but son’s favourite line for not doing his work some days was “There’s a glitch.“