EP Homeschooling Heroes – Julie Handly

Meet Julie Handly and her Family!

One of our awesome homeschooling families from Australia. Read up below on their experience homeschooling!

Tell us about you and your family!

We are from the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. The 2 older children have flown the coupe and the 2 younger children are now home schooled. We live on a small property of 26 acres and have chickens, goats, guinea fowl, cats and a dog. Year 9 and Year 6 are the levels we home school. With the flexibility of home schooling we recently took a 2 week trip to Alice Springs. Took lots of notes and photos, which will become teaching tools and topics now we are home and getting back into it.

Why did you decide to start homeschooling?

When we went into lockdown in Term 3 2021. I realised just how much the education system had let my children down. I knew I could do a better job with no disruptions in the classroom due to other children’s behavioural issues, and large class numbers meaning, each child only received 28% of the teachers time. This is not good enough.

What are the biggest challenges you face when homeschooling?

Trying to get my head around the NSW curriculum as to what to teach on some subjects. Some are really clear and I can find the resources easily. But others are very ambiguous and that’s when I decide what I want my child to learn about that topic.

What have you loved the most about homeschooling and what has been the most rewarding moment?

I love having the girls at home with me everyday, we have become even closer. We do alot more together. They have learned so many more life skills and responsibility, especially here on the property.

How did you hear about EP and why did you choose it as part of your curriculum?

My sister-in-law has home schooled her son for the past 9 years. She used EP and helped me with my home schooling applications and recommended I too use EP.

How did EP improve your homeschooling journey? What are some features or support you’ve loved and how did they help you?

When I first started my mind was all over the shop. I just couldn’t get my head around what and when to teach it. I had a number of zoom meetings with Tim and a couple of Tuesday chats. Emails back and forth. Each and every member of EP have promptly returned a wonderful and helpful answer to my sometime repetitious questions. They are knowledgeable and very helpful.

Describe EP in 3 words.

What a lifesaver!

What can EP do to better support your learning?

It would be wonderful if EP catered for Primary School. I’ve had to use a different learning platform for my daughter who is in Year 6. Which means another subscription $$$. If they were both on the same platform, this would have made my life and purse a lot happier.

What’s your or your learner’s favourite joke?

As a home schooling parent, every day is take your kids to work day.