EP Homeschooling Heroes – Delanie and Alyssia

Meet Delanie and Alyssia:

One of our rockstar homeschool families! Alyssia has been homeschooling with EP since the start of May and is already one of our star learners!

Tell us about you and your family!

I live in Low Head Tasmania with my mum and our dog Ziggi.

Why did you decide to start homeschooling?

Due to medical reasons, I have never been able to attend one full school year since kindergarten and I am now in Grade 6. Towards the end of Grade 5 I was medically exempt from attending school and began home-schooling.

How did you hear about EP and why did you choose it as part of your curriculum?

My mum googled home-school programs and found EP and I am very glad that she did. We signed up for the free trial period and looked over all the content and I knew this was the perfect program for me!

What have you loved the most about homeschooling and what has been the most rewarding moment?

Spending time with my mum is what I love the most about home-schooling. The most rewarding moments have been seeing my academic improvements be recognised and feeling more confident with my school work. Because I had missed large blocks of learning it was hard to catch up while at school, so I often felt stupid because I was behind. The progress I am making gives me such a sense of achievement seeing how far I have come and knowing I am filling in the gaps in my learning.

How did EP improve your homeschooling journey? What are some features or support you’ve loved and how did they help you?

EP has made my home-schooling journey so much more enjoyable. My mum had tried a few different programs and I was not motivated to apply myself to these like I am with EP. I like the way EP is laid out and all of the interesting topics I can choose from. I feel like I am really learning so much and since using EP I feel more knowledgeable and smarter. The other bonus is that I have insomnia and this means that I can do my school work while my mum sleeps!

Has EP helped with any learning difficulties?

I do not have any diagnosed learning difficulties. I was unable to attend mainstream school due to medical conditions, autism and anxiety, with sensory processing disorder. The school environment made it highly difficult for me to focus, concentrate and retain information. Since home-schooling and using EP, I am discovering that I can retain information and I am rediscovering how to enjoy learning.

What are the biggest challenges you face when homeschooling?

My biggest challenges I faced were when I was attending school so home-schooling has made my life so much better.

What can EP do to better support your learning?

I think it is educationally perfect just the way it is!

Describe EP in 3 words.

Excellent, helpful, enjoyable