Flipping the class with Ravi Sekhon

Ravi Sekhon standing folding hands - flipping the classroom

Flipping the class with Ravi Sekhon to win back almost one and a half weeks (6 lessons) with each class.

As a teacher and Maths Head of the Department, my biggest challenge was maintaining a healthy work/life balance. I had competing responsibilities such as;

  • Spending quality time with my family and friends
  • Day-to-day teaching and learning demands, including providing meaningful feedback to my students and being available for them
  • Collaborating with my team to administrate the effective running of a Maths department
  • Responsibilities to the senior leadership team, including reporting to them on issues pertinent to the current educational climate
  • Working with parents and external ed tech providers while focusing on continuous professional development
  • And probably what most educators would consider the least important … a duty to myself

Please don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it, and at the time, with COVID-19, hybrid, distance and blended learning – education was certainly a hotbed for new and innovative ideas on how best to use one’s resources in teaching their students.

One of my favourite time-saving applications was to use EP in the “flipped learning” model. I could assign the conceptual understanding and reading elements of a lesson to students allowing me to spend more time focusing on the actual application in class.

By only assigning the information slides, I was able to spend less time explaining the concept in class and more time with students on methodologies, calculations and addressing misconceptions. Within a few days, I was getting through the syllabus either on schedule or ahead of time, and this was invaluable in winning back the time spent on exam preparation.

Over the course of a semester, I calculated that with both my exam classes alone, I won back almost one and a half weeks (6 lessons) with each class.

Have you tried this approach and saved time too?

We would love to hear from you; please share your experience here!



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