Engage our rangatahi in science through the Antarctic Adventures module, which focuses on te taiao, our environment, intertwined with Te Ao Māori narratives. Antarctic Adventures equips ākonga with invaluable knowledge, inspiring them to apply this mātauranga in their own backyards.

See It!

Look into the past and discover the history of Antarctica. Learn about historical navigation and mapping techniques used by western travellers that lead them to Te

Tiri o te Moana, and find out how indigenous peoples, like Māori, used their own environmental guides to voyage around the Pacific in waka hourua.

Love It!

Explore how our climate is continually changing, and how this can affect the environment and animals within Antarctica. Take a look at our ozone and how our actions are affecting this. Let Pūtaiao guide you through the effects of shifting sea ice, and dive into the Southern Ocean to learn about marine life. Through it all, observe how our changing world relates to Te Ao Māori and gain insight into the importance of an indigenous worldview!

Save It!

Nau mai ki tēnei akoranga and learn about how people can work together to prevent the negative impacts of climate change! Be familiarised with environmental initiatives such as reducing our carbon footprint or rāhui which can be put in place to protect animals and the environment. Learn how traditional Māori conservation efforts can be implemented into everyday lives to benefit the Earth. See how people are making change in Antarctica through scientific research!

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Complete Antarctic Adventures online and then head over to the Antarctic Academy with an in-person visit at the International Antarctic Centre in Otautahi, Christchurch.

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