Our Mission

To make great teachers, extraordinary. Empowering educators and engaging students through transformative learning experiences.

Our History

Education Perfect was established by brothers Craig and Shane Smith in 2007 while they were studying at university in Dunedin, New Zealand. Both Craig and Shane could see that technology was changing the way teachers engaged with students, and understood that through the power of analytics, personalised online learning could increase the effectiveness of student learning. Education Perfect was born.

Originally launched as a vocabulary tool to help students with modern languages, Craig and Shane quickly saw Education Perfect’s potential across all subjects. Today Education Perfect has developed into the leading digital learning and publishing platform, with a global team of over 150 full time employees, developing and delivering transformative teaching and learning experiences for almost 1 million students.

Our Team

Tim V

Tim's journey with Education Perfect started at inception, studying with Craig Smith (Co-Founder) at university. The last decade has seen Tim at a prestigious consulting firm in Sydney and as the Global Brand Manager of Penny Australia. Heading the Australian team, Tim is an EdTech evangelist who is deeply committed to schools realising the benefits of Education Perfect.


Tim Vaughan Head of Education Perfect Australia


As the proud leader of  the NZ team, James joined Education Perfect in 2015. In his nine years of Secondary Maths teaching and leadership, he had a strong interest in the role technology plays in providing teachers with greatly increased insights into student understanding and engagement.

James Santure Head of Education Perfect New Zealand


Craig Smith is the visionary behind the Education Perfect platform, having developed the first version of the program to help him with his personal studies when he was back in high school. Arriving at university, Craig saw an opportunity for technology to create transformative teaching and learning experiences, and Education Perfect was born. Craig recently stepped aside as the CEO, and remains heavily involved in the growth of Education Perfect as a Director.

Craig SmithCo-Founder and Director


Shane co-founded Education Perfect with his brother, Craig over 10 years ago. He developed the software behind Education Perfect while studying medicine in Auckland. After graduation, Shane joined the team as Chief Information Officer and has spearheaded the ongoing growth of the product and many of our breakthrough features. Shane now holds the role of Director at Education Perfect.

Shane SmithCo-Founder and Director


With over 25 years of sales and general management experience, Jason has overseen the scaling of Education Perfect over the last four years, with a focus on internal capacity and holds responsibilities across support and human resources.

Jason Lowe General Manager, Operations

Simon R

Simon is a Chartered Accountant who trained with PWC in London. With over 10 years experience in senior commercial finance roles, he has a passion for supporting growth companies. Leveraging this experience, Simon supports all areas of Education Perfect to ensure we deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Simon Robinson Chief Financial Officer


Denis has over 8 years experience in EdTech and a background in assessment technology. Bringing significant product & engineering knowledge to Education Perfect, Denis supports our team's delivery of the best technology for the right problems, empowering teachers to be extraordinary.

Denis HoctorChief Product Technology Officer

Jimmy Bowens

As a highly experienced English Head of Department and passionate literacy educator, Jimmy is a true believer in the impact of digital learning on the teaching and learning experience. As Head of English, Jimmy has driven the development of the Education Perfect English suite and literacy development resources globally.

Jimmy BowensHead of English

John Brent

With a university background in French, Japanese and Linguistics, John is passionate about the learning and teaching of foreign language and culture. Starting at Education Perfect in 2013, he has overseen the transition from a basic, if powerful vocabulary tool to a fully comprehensive communication focused language learning resource.

John BrentCo-Head of Languages

Philippa Kruger

As an experienced French teacher and Languages HOD, Philippa was one of the first teachers in NZ to use Language Perfect in the classroom. A highly skilled content strategist, Philippa drives the development of the Languages in Action programme as a complete Language Learning ecosystem for teachers and students.

Philippa KrugerCo-Head of Languages

Ben H

Ben has extensive experience throughout New Zealand as a teacher and middle manager, pioneering the use of technology and Education Perfect in the classroom. As the Head of Maths, NZ, Ben passionately directs the Maths content development and spreads the word on Education Perfect Maths.
View full profile here

Ben Hilliam Head of Maths, New Zealand


Having used Education Perfect extensively prior to joining the team, Bevan has experienced the impact of the platform first hand. As Head of Science for NZ, he has a strong desire to empower teachers in mastering their use of the platform, reducing workload and increasing engagement and learning outcomes for students.

Bevan JonesHead of Science, New Zealand

Piers Furney

With a background in information processing and cognitive learning in digital media, Piers has led the overhaul of lesson visual communication, content structuring and scaffolding. Focused on creating world-class content and instructional design, Piers places the learner at the centre of their journey.

Piers FurneyInterim Head of Content, Australia

Marc Matsas

Since joining the team in 2013, Marc has been been passionate about Education Perfect maximising opportunities for student growth. Marc manages the Australian Teacher Consultant team, ensuring that teachers are fully harnessing the power of the programme in the classroom.

Marc MatsasImplementation Manager - Australia


Maree is a Japanese teacher with 12 years teaching experience across a number of schools in Queensland. Maree is passionate about developing engaging, effective online learning programs for students and sharing her knowledge with fellow language teachers. Maree has personally had great success with EP in her classroom and looks forward to working with schools to help them do the same.

Maree CarrTeacher Consultant - Australia


With 13 years of Science & Maths teaching experience, Kelly comes to Education Perfect with a Masters in eLearning and a passion for its effective implementation. Being named on the Flipped Learning Global Initiative's Top 100 educators leading flipped learning worldwide and a Certified Google Innovator, Kelly aims to engage with teachers everywhere to empower them to explore how Education Perfect can help to inspire their students to improve learning outcomes.

Kelly HollisTeacher Consultant - Australia

Jess Mikecz

Jess is an Indonesian, English and Humanities teacher with 7 years teaching experience from across Victoria. She loves incorporating curriculum ideas from her teaching into Education Perfect such as VET Applied Languages. Jess works closely with the Languages, English and Humanities teachers in Victoria, assisting them to increase student engagement by using the high quality content in Education Perfect.

Jess MikeczTeacher Consultant - Australia


Erini is an English, Drama and ESOL teacher in Sydney who is passionate about creativity and self-expression. She offers implementation strategies to English departments across Australia, aiming to increase student engagement and improve the teacher workload. She is constantly encouraging teachers to maximise their face-to-face time with students by utilising the efficiency of EP’s features.

Erini LimnatitesTeacher Consultant - Australia


Glenn is a Mathematics and Science teacher with 15 years of experience. Over this time, he has led the implementation of digital assessment and learning programs within several Victorian public schools. Glenn is keen to assist more schools in utilising the many innovative features of Education Perfect to make their learning and teaching priorities a reality.

Glenn O’ShaughnessyTeacher Consultant - Australia


Olivia has been with the team since 2015, having previously taught for seven years as a language teacher, regularly using Education Perfect in her class. She is proud to be a part of a company that motivates students to learn and excel on a daily basis. Olivia brings her classroom experience paired with a detailed understanding of the impact of Education Perfect, developing the capacity of teachers to maximise the impact of the program with every student in their class.

Olivia YoungAotearoa Implementation Manager

Fabian Navarro

Fabian is a passionate 21st century educator specialising in Spanish, French, ESOL, as well as a strong background in Business Studies and Leadership. He has been teaching for the past 20 years across North America, Europe and New Zealand. He has recently joined Education Perfect to inspire all Primary and Intermediate teachers to transform their classrooms into modern learning environments.

Fabian NavarroAotearoa Primary & Intermediate Manager

Trudi Wigg

With 12 years in teaching Japanese in Japan and New Zealand, Trudi's class won the World Series in 2015. As Languages Manager, Aotearoa, she is passionate about languages and their connection to culture and self-identity. Trudi believes that Language Learning should be a highlight of a student's education and loves working with teachers across New Zealand engaging with Education Perfect to create classrooms of competent, confident learners - and lovers - of language.

Trudi Wigg Aotearoa Languages Manager