2020 Student STEALTH Challenge

The ‘STEALTH’ Challenge is EP’s twist on a cross-curricular challenge that incorporates a number of subjects available on through the platform. During the first part of the Challenge, teachers were invited to submit a ‘Challenge Question’ that related to a particular theme. 

The 2020 theme was Deep Blue: Innovations for the future of our oceans to link to the National Science Week theme in Australia. The chosen challenge question was based around COVID-19 and the problem of increased levels of microplastics in our oceans as a result.

Students who took part in the STEALTH Challenge were required to demonstrate skills across different disciplines including Science, Maths, English, Humanities and Technology to solve a real-world problem by designing a model that would remove microplastics from the ocean and creating a persuasive piece of text to share why they believe their model is the most appropriate for the job of saving the planet’s oceans.

2021 dates will be released soon!